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@MarcusMojo is at it again! He loves sending naughty texts and pictures to his friends. Today he’s hanging out with Oliver Saint. The guys are planning on tearing up the clubs later, but first they’re doing some phone flirting. When Marcus sends a girl friend of his a picture of his cock, Oliver wants Marcus to send a pic of his cock too!

While Marcus is taking the picture, he notices how nice Oliver’s boner looks. Oliver is a little surprised, but thankful to hear the kind words. In fact Marcus admires Oliver’s juicy dick so much, he wants to see how it tastes. And while they’re at it, Marcus figures it would be an honor to have such a beautiful cock in his ass. What a way to get psyched for a night on the town!


Beautiful kiss with @MarcusMojo & @Rod_Daily


@Marcus Mojo - Good Afternoon (x)


Brandon mounts @MarcusMojo and spreads his legs as Marcus pumps him from underneath.

Brandon strokes his dick as Marcus fucks him and then they switch positions, with Brandon on his knees as Marcus pounds him from behind, before finishing up reclined and stroking off amidst the hay and the heat. Enjoy!”


so cute ♥






Young, horny Jayden gets to light up and play with buff hotties Marcus Mojo and Mike Roberts! Both studs get sucked by Jayden while they smoke and then they use both of his holes at once while they chainsmoke! (221 Photos)


@MarcusMojo licking @TommyDefendi’s thick cock


oh fuck.  James Jamesson’s dick is pretty plentiful in @MarcusMojo ‘s tight ass