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jakeness27 Asked: Same guy here asking for the picture. figured i shouldnt ask anonymously

Yeah, no need to hide!


haven’t seen an x-rated version yet unfortunately

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@MarcusMojo candid shot

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@MarcusMojo and Jeremy Bilding

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LOOK AT HIM!!!! @MarcusMojo returns exclusively to @BoysSmokingCom with a pack of American Spirits and a throbbing dick!!!!  Enjoy Marcus’ gaze right into the camera while he puff on his smoke and works on his cock. His furry chest and hot ass are also not to be missed in this. It left us speechless. JOIN to see more photosets and scenes of this amazing blonde hair blue-eyed boy.


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#FF to @MarcusMojo, a gentleman and a sweetheart!

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iwantyourbodynotyourheart Asked: Is Marcus back??!!!


on Boys-Smoking

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